Are you in search of a personalized and impactful service for yourself and your company?

Facing decisions that require clarity and creativity? Do democratic values and innovation hold equal importance for you? Are you interested in reducing hierarchical structures and implementing more contemporary forms of participation? In that case, Longa Dressler leadership consulting is the ideal choice for you. Organizations, project teams, managing directors, and executives from national and international companies find excellent support in the offerings provided by Longa Dressler leadership consulting.


Moderation of workshops

Longa Dressler coaches or moderates workshops alone or in collaboration with co-moderators on the following topics:

  • Kick-off of projects
  • Team building and task coordination
  • Development of guiding principles
  • (International) strategy days
  • Goal and idea development

Leadership coaching:

The coaching is suitable for executives who aim to lead with clarity and from their strengths. The topics are individually determined. Here are some examples:

  • Employee participation
  • Lean Leadership
  • Social skills
  • Communication abilities
  • Team development
  • Intercultural challenges
  • Conflict resolution
Process: Typically, 6 sessions are scheduled. The timeframe is aligned with the goals of the executive.

Situational Coaching:

Situational coaching is suitable for executives in need of immediate coaching or consultation. Examples include:

  • Leaders feeling under pressure and overwhelmed (or underwhelmed)
  • The need to take time to sort things out calmly
  • An urgent problem that requires resolution
  • Facing a one-time decision
  • Seeking feedback, insights, or tips from a neutral perspective

Process: Typically, 1 or 2 sessions are promptly arranged in case of urgent needs.

Leadership Onboarding

This coaching supports leaders taking on a new leadership role, suitable for both experienced leaders and those new to leadership. It focuses on the transition in roles and the new position. Examples of topics include:

  • Professionally navigating the transition in roles
  • Understanding the new role and positioning oneself effectively
  • Making the right entry with team members and the team
  • Managing expectations of superiors, team members, and stakeholders
  • Defining, placing, and implementing key tasks
  • Personal values and company values

Process: Consists of 6 sessions, with the first session taking place either at the beginning or before the start of the new role.

Inhouse leadership-program

The program accompanies (future) leaders in the company over a period of approximately 18 months. It includes 10 modules, guest trainers, special modules, coaching sessions, office hours, and an online learning platform. If you are looking for a leadership development program for your company, take a look here:

LEAD NOW! Lead Now!

Mediation of Goal and Interest Conflicts

In the structured communication process, conflicts and misunderstandings are addressed and resolved to the best extent possible. The focus is on collaboratively finding paths that may not be immediately apparent. This can occur between two individuals or within teams, between departments, in projects, or other business contexts. Conflicts may arise in areas such as communication, collaboration, values, goal achievement, or role responsibilities. The objective is to reestablish a shared working foundation for the future.

Process: A maximum of 6 sessions are conducted.

Reasons to implement interactive leadership development

  • Preparation for a new leadership role
  • Better coping with leadership tasks
  • Communicating empathetically and clearly
  • Learning to deal with complexity and contradictions
  • Implementing modern leadership by dismantling hierarchies and involving employees
  • Developing innovative ideas and strategies
  • Cultivating a culture of feedback
  • Engaging with new organizations, cultures, clients, and stakeholders
  • Resolving goal conflicts