Are you looking for a modern and powerful service  for yourself or your company?
Decisions should be done, clarity and creativity are needed?
Values and innovation are important for you?

Then Longa Dressler leadership consulting is the right choice for you.

Managers and executives from national and international companies alike feel that they are both well taken care of and receive the best possible support with.


Longa Dressler advises leaders and companies on the following subjects:

  • Personnel and organisational development
  • Modern role descriptions and training concepts as well as mentoring and diversity programmes
  • Consultation for leaders on strategic goals and all leadership subjects: including negotiation, virtual leadership, team development, employee meetings, communication strategy and intercultural subjects
  • Delayering
  • Agile working approaches and talent management
  • Feedback culture
  • Employee communication and cooperation

Moderation and workshops

Longa Dressler moderates e.g. workshops on the following subjects - alone or with a co-moderator:

  • Project kick-offs
  • Team development and discussions regarding tasks
  • Reviews and quality checks
  • Development of an overall concept
  • (International) strategy days
  • Development of targest and ideas
  • Workshops regarding exhange, information and networking
  • Lateral thinking

Interactive Leadership Development

Interactive Leadership Development can take place as individual consultation or group consultation. In principle this is a mix of reflection, consulting and feedback as well as interactive dialog employing suitable enhancing methods.

Interactive leadership development can cover a whole range of different leadership topics. All services are tailor-made. You are looking for a great leadership programme for your company: Find out more here: LEAD NOW!

Reasons to implement interactive leadership development

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  • Preparation for a new role
  • Discussions with new organisations, cultures, customers and stakeholders
  • The development of innovative ideas and strategies
  • Delayering in the organisation and the desire for new leadership models
  • Development of intercultural, empathetic and agile communication for negotiations and leadership situations
  • Better handling of leadership tasks
  • Creating a feedback culture