Lead now


This is LEAD NOW!

LEAD NOW! LEAD NOW is a leadership development programme tailored specially for the requirements of the mid-sized sector:

  • Short face-to-face units at the company or at a location chosen by the company
  • Blended learning
  • Highly practice oriented
  • Individual supervision

Even if the content of the modules focuses on different subjects, the quality is demonstrated by the practical and tailored approach.

The basic programme contains 10 + 1* modules.

Each module

  • 3 hours of face-to-face training and coaching
  • Access to an online database, materials and podcasts
  • Telephone consultation hours for every module for questions related to the content of the modules, study group tasks and homework
  • Diverse professional senior trainers

In addition, every participant is provided with two individual coaching sessions.

* Half a unit for the kick off, half a unit for the wrap-up.

LEAD NOW! Modules

LEAD NOW! Schaubild

This is LEAD NOW! Procedure


The participants meet with a trainer at regular intervals over a period of 18 months. Moreover, a coach is assigned as a point of contact throughout the entire process and for individual coaching.

The modules take place as follows:

  • Impulse by trainer
  • Group discussion
  • Training exercises/group coaching
  • Exchange of practical experience and case consultation
  • Reflection exercises
  • Assignment of homework for the participants as well as for the study group

Between the modules:

  • Telephone consultation hours
  • Impulses, study and tasks through the online portal
  • Meetings with study partner and study group
  • Individual coaching
  • Carrying out homework (self-coaching exercises)
  • *Fireside chat with HR and large group
  • *Annual alumni event

*The events are recommended. The are conducted by HR, but nevertheless supported by Longa Dressler

A customized offer can be obtained here:

info@longa-dressler.com or +49-291-90874809


Lead now

Individual, practice-oriented and modern leadership development. A programme especially for the mid-sized sector with many advantages:

  • Short face-to-face modules with high percentage of practical content
  • Can be conducted at the company, eliminating long travelling times for managers
  • All leaders are at the same level, especially with reference to the company culture
  • Support of networking within the company
  • No classic lecture formats
  • A mix of coaching, training and consultation during face-to-face phases
  • Individual coaching and consultation hours
  • Option of discussions and supervision with short impulses for workaday life over a longer period of time leading to effective learning and actual development
  • Possible in German and English
  • Individual adaptions in consultation with HR are possible