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This is LEAD NOW!

LEAD NOW is a leadership development program specifically tailored to the needs of medium-sized enterprises:

  • Short on-site sessions at the company or a location chosen by the company
  • Blended learning
  • Highly practical orientation
  • Individual support
Even though the modules have specific thematic focuses, the down-to-earth and tailored practical approach is a sign of the program's commitment to quality.

The basic programme consists of 10 modules (+1*):

Each module

  • 3,25 hours of in-person training or group coaching
  • 45 minutes of peer case discussions
  • 3 additional short modules
  • Access to the online database, materials, and podcasts
  • Telephone consultation for each module regarding content-related questions, group learning tasks, and homework

Additionally, each participant receives two personal coaching sessions.

Half a module is used for the kick-off event, and half a module is allocated for the conclusion. This ensures the effective implementation of the 10 content modules, allowing for independent introductory and concluding sessions.

LEAD NOW! Modules

LEAD NOW! Schaubild

This is LEAD NOW! Procedure


Participants meet at regular intervals over a period of approximately 18 months with one or more trainers. A coach is also a dedicated contact for the overall process and individual coaching.

The modules proceed as follows:

  • Current peer case discussions
  • Input from the trainer
  • Group discussion
  • Training exercise/group coaching
  • Reflection exercise
  • Assignment allocation for participants and learning partners

Between the modules:

  • Telephone consultation
  • Input, learning, and tasks through the online portal
  • Meetings with learning partners
  • Implementation of coaching tasks (self-coaching exercise)
  • Individual coaching


  • Special modules conducted by additional trainers as online impulses


  • Moderated exchange with the HR development and all leadership development groups regarding cultural topics and improvement ideas
  • Support in integrating internal special modules into the program, such as occupational safety, HR topics, or occupational health management
  • Support for mentoring programs

A customized offer can be obtained here:

info@longa-dressler.com or +49-291-90874809


Lead now

LEAD NOW! is an individual, practice-oriented, and modern leadership development program. Because leadership happens NOW and not someday. A program specifically designed for medium-sized enterprises with many advantages:

  • Short on-site modules with a high practical component
  • Implementation possible within the company, minimizing travel time for executives
  • All company leaders are on the same page, especially regarding corporate culture
  • Encourages networking within the company
  • No traditional classroom-style teaching
  • A mix of coaching, training, and consulting in the on-site phases
  • Individual coaching and consulting hours between modules
  • Exchange and support with small online impulses over an extended period, allowing for deepened learning and actual development
  • Available in German and English