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This is LEAD NOW!

LEAD NOW! LEAD NOW is a leadership development programme tailored specially for the requirements of the mid-sized sector:

  • Short face-to-face units at the company or at a location chosen by the company
  • Blended learning
  • Highly practice oriented
  • Individual supervision

Even if the content of the modules focuses on different subjects, the quality is demonstrated by the practical and tailored approach.

The basic programme contains 10 modules. However they can be booked according to group requirements from a current range of 34 modules.

Each module

  • 3 hours of face-to-face training and coaching
  • Access to an online database, materials and podcasts
  • Telephone consultation hours for every module for questions related to the content of the modules, study group tasks and homework
  • Diverse professional senior trainers

    In addition, every participant is provided with an individual coaching discussion.

LEAD NOW! Modules

LEAD NOW! Schaubild

This is LEAD NOW! Procedure


The participants meet with a trainer at regular intervals over a period of 12-18 months. Moreover, a coach is assigned as a point of contact throughout the entire process and for individual coaching.

The modules take place as follows:

  • Impulse by trainer
  • Group discussion
  • Training exercises/group coaching
  • Exchange of practical experience and case consultation
  • Reflection exercises
  • Assignment of homework for the participants as well as for the study group

Between the modules:

  • Telephone consultation hours
  • Impulses, study and tasks through the online portal
  • Meetings with study partners
  • Individual coaching
  • Carrying out homework (self-coaching exercises)
    *Fireside chat with HR and large group

*The event is recommended. It is conducted by HR, but nevertheless supported by Longa Dressler

A customized offer can be obtained here:

info@longa-dressler.com or +49-291-90874809


Lead now

Individual, practice-oriented and modern leadership development. A programme especially for the mid-sized sector with many advantages:

  • Short face-to-face modules with high percentage of practical content
  • Can be conducted at the company, eliminating long travelling times for managers
  • All company managers are at the same level, especially with reference to the company culture
  • No frontal lessons
  • A mix of coaching, training and consultation during face-to-face phases
  • Individual coaching and consultation hours
  • Option of discussions and supervision with short impulses for workaday life over a longer period of time leading to effective learning and actual development
  • Possible in German and English