So what happens next?

So what happens next?

As an independent consultant, trainer and coach I have been thinking about this for weeks.

1. IFrom May 4, I will conduct individual consultations in my office in compliance with the hygiene regulations and with the necessary  distance.

2. Furthermore I will continue to conduct all individual coachings and consultations via video conference with zoom, Skype, Jitsi or a medium of your choice.

3. I will conduct seminars and moderations with small groups in companies or specially booked locations*, if the companies can implement the current hygiene guidelines.

4. Seminars can also conducted online, (when the topic and goals are fitting) with Zoom, I make sure that the meeting rooms are closed "online", only those invited have access via a link and password and customers do not have to download any software.

5. Andplease keep in mind, for 15 years I have also been working "outside", coaching and hiking or coaching in nature, can be implemented excellently in my home region South-Westfalia.

We will find solutions, whether live, by video or by telephone, so that not everything has to stand still and we can continue to work on your processes. In addition, we have to expect that the topic "Corona" will still accompany us in the next months, so it is now necessary to organize new ways to cooperate.

*Example Marienburg: "We have developed an infection-proof conference concept that has been agreed with the authorities."

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