Quotation and reccomendations

With fresh air comes fresh ideas
With fresh air comes fresh ideas

"You want to behappy? Declare and live your solidarity with yourself. A hundred percent."

1. Daily fresh air walks, will create the atmosphere for changing your life. For example: Visit the Rothaarsteig und ask yourself one important question: "What or how do you want to be in 5 years?" www.rothaarsteig.de

2. Read inspiring books like the bestseller The Tipping Point- How little Things make a difference - from Malcom Gladwell about trends: "...Ideas and products and messages and behaviors spread just like viruses do..."

3. Try to live one day without mocking, gossipping and negative thoughts. Easy? Not at all.Still try it, the effects are brilliant.

4. To say thank you one already learns as a child. To say internally and consciously thanks is not so easy. The cashier sits for you at the cash register, the street worker sweeps your mud away, the food in the restaurant has well tasted and somebody in the meeting has provided drinks for you. There are endless possibilities to consciously be grateful. Benefit: You are awake and concentrated, look friendlier and experience deep satisfaction.

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