MHFH (Mental Health first aid)

"Everyone knows first aid, but Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is not known to all.

Everyone knows first aid, but Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is not known to all.

After finally refreshing my first aid training, I am now facing another milestone: being a first responder for mental health.

Why is this important? Because mental crises or illnesses can be just as impactful and affect people as much as physical crises and illnesses. Both in companies and in society, we should address this issue to respond better. We can organize help and express our appreciation and care.

As a coach, I primarily focus on working with leaders. I also consider the capabilities and healthy boundaries of the leaders. Leaders are not doctors and should not engage in psychological activities. However, they can work on a corporate culture that enables people to seek help, and they can serve as role models for their own mental health.

As a (former) social pedagogue and mediator, my heart has always been dedicated to psychological and social issues. Supporting the topic of mental health is an essential facet in my leadership Coaching.
Because, in addition to classic leadership topics such as delegation, decision-making, and risk analysis, these topics are urgently needed. Two years ago, I already included the topic of "Democratic Values/Racism." As you can see, there is still much demand in this area ...

Moreover, I could recommend this MHFA (Mental Health First Aid) course. It can benefit both beginners and experienced individuals.

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