Longa’s Feedback Burger … feedback that everyone likes

Longa’s Feedback Burger … feedback that everyone likes
Longa’s Feedback Burger … feedback that everyone likes

… is a small comic-style booklet.

This booklet has been made for leaders, project leads, salespersons, instructors and teachers*, intercultural trainers, freelancers, doctors, students and all those who deal with the subject of feedback.What’s special: The subject of feedback is presented in a playful and occasionally even slightly ironic way.

Eleven burgers are introduced. Each burger stands for a specific type of feedback. Because, just like burgers, not everyone likes everything – you need some freedom of choice. And once the feedback burger principle has been understood, it will certainly improve the way feedback is given. A great book to simply clarify the subject of feedback or to discuss together in a group. It is also suitable as a little present for employees, customers, colleagues, students or friends. It is inexpensive and can be displayed in hotels, meeting rooms, on reception desks, in schools or in your own living room. It is nice and colorful and easy to understand. Unlike specialist books, it’s possible to simply leaf through this booklet.

It is better suited as a printed book and we recommend to by the printed version. It was just created as an e-version because you cannot get the printed versions in all countries. As an e-booklet, it is not suited for smart-phones and it would only be suitable for color screens because of the many pictures. Recommended font size to ensure the pages stay linked together: Kindle lengthwise 3 and across 4. Prevalent tablets lengthways 4 and across 5. Otherwise, simply experiment.

You can order the German and English versions in a lot of countries, Germany , UK, USA e.g. Here at Amazon.com:

Longas`Feedbackburger..feedback everyone likesTraining material and a second booklet will also be available in 2018.
Enjoy reading it!

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