Longa Dressler’s plans for the year 2011

Longa Dressler’s plans for the year 2011

Quality ensured by regular certification and further training.

Clients also benefit from personal further training.

In order to provide a service that is in line with all the latest standards, Longa Dressler is once again going to participate in several courses of further training in the year 2011: 

The licence in the field of preventative healthcare is to be expanded. Another qualification "Sport for the elderly/adults" in addition to the "Stress Management" qualification. Sport is important. In particular those people who do not rediscover this fact until they reach the age of 40 are in need of special consultations, in which they become acquainted with movement as a health resource for their day-to-day lives and their free time. The content of such consultations includes the findings of sport medicine with regard to the impact of sport and movement on the aging process as well as the implementation of information and talks phases dealing in particular with the perception of and raising of awareness for a healthy life style. 

Planned participation in a refresher course of training in the field of stress and balance will certainly prove beneficial in the next Hiking Coaching session. 

Longa Dressler will be taking part in the “Petersberger Trainertage” not only with the intention of exchanging experiences with other trainers, but also to learn about new methods and to pick up ideas and inspiration for training and coaching sessions.

Longa Dressler will also be taking part in another course of further training in the field of organizational constellations. The most important systematic processes within organizations are dealt with in this seminar. The training session encompasses the following topics: The absence of success in companies, conflicts in teams or the unwritten rules of human systems. Balancing giving and taking, separation of the private and working spheres (company and family), respect for different types of performance or corporate cultures (in the case of mergers) and other system rules. 

The further trainings of Longa Dressler will be topped off with a symposium of experts: tools and methods for coaches and trainers.

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