Longa Dressler leadership consulting is turning 13

Longa Dressler leadership consulting will turn 13 this year

Longa Dressler leadership consulting is turning 13 this year
13 years of impulses, leadership consulting and innovative workshops

A special number.

For 13 years, the ideas and concepts of clients have been placed in the hands of Longa Dressler.

For 13 years, Longa Dressler has been supporting clients in the process of selecting and implementing the most valuable ideas and launching them dynamically.

What is going to change?

Longa Dressler Strategic Coaching is changing into Longa Dressler leadership consulting.

Out of clarity arises impulses for innovative leaders.

What will remain?

Clients who have ideas and seek clarity or expertise during the implementation process have made the right decision with Longa Dressler.
Clients have goals, which require impulses and ideas to implement them.

Leaders want to lead globally and innovatively in accordance with their strengths and would like Longa Dressler to support this process.

Whatever your goals, Longa Dressler will continue in her 14th year to support successful people in mastering complex contexts and drive forward innovation.

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