Exclusive camera training

Exclusive camera training: a coach, a trainer and you
Exclusive camera training: a coach, a trainer and you

Dear clients and colleagues, dear visitors to this site. “I have added the new to the old, let time bind them together.”

While on one of my hikes in the German state of Sauerland I read this wonderful saying on an old farmhouse. A saying that reflects exactly the typical down to earth character of this region of medium-sized enterprises. Characteristics such as reliability, diligence, endurance and flexibility prove their worth especially in times of crisis. And fortunately many people in this region have just such values, even if they might sometimes appear a little stubborn.

I would like to take these thoughts as the occasion to remind you of the latest coaching-hiking offers and to tell you about a few new things.

The seminar work is transported from the seminar room and working atmosphere to the down-to-earth natural surroundings of Sauerland. It calls “natural” values to mind even in times of crisis, and features a high degree of practical relevance as well as the combination of both traditional coaching methods and new ones. I will most certainly be incorporating some exercises from my latest further training weekends in September. Posture and movement from the regional sports association and the DVCT training camp for coaches and trainers.

I also have a special offer for you in conjunction with a new cooperation partner that is valid until 20.12.2010:The exclusive camera training. The 4-eye unit is individually tailored to your needs. A coach, a trainer, a camera and you. Whether rhetoric, a speech, a difficult staff appraisal or the preparation of a presentation. Your impending situation is carried out strategically and pragmatically in an individual workshop. Altogether the costs for the trainer, coach, camera facility plus a conference room, drinks as well as preparatory talks and feedback talks are only € 650.00 excl. VAT instead of        € 800.00 excl. VAT.

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