Empathy as an important key factor of intercultural competence

Cover: Empathy as an important key factor of intercultural competence
Empathy as an important key factor of intercultural competence

Empathy-awareness in executive coachings

Originally it was written as a master thesis. Now you could  find a revised version as  specialist book (paperback or e-book) on amazon. Although a lot of models, literature references and quotes are in English you need also to understand German, since the main text is written in German.

About the content:
Empathy is one of the most important key factors regarding intercultural competence. First, however, the relationships between intercultural competence, empathy and the executives’ personality have to be carefully considered before these three components can be joined to create an individual coaching programme.

Sensitisation to empathy as part of executive coaching therefore implies, on the one hand, dealing with the supportive factors for successful learning during the coaching sessions, but, on the other hand, it also means to focus on possible inner blocks. Another important aspect to be considered is a professional approach to the framework conditions, the respective system (i.e. the business), the coachee (i.e. the manager or executive) and the coach (or process mentor during the development of empathy). In general, we are here facing a field of tension, as the task of furthering sensitive empathy and the competitive business world are often in conflict with each other. There are many existing models, methods and theories for intercultural coaching or executive coaching. Yet, bringing together the idea of fostering the intercultural competence of executives with a focus on the special faculty of empathy is a here newly developed combination of concepts that aims at the elaboration of a promising coaching programme destined to senior coaches in the field of intercultural coaching.

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