A great workcamp with Longa Dressler

A great workcamp with Longa Dressler

What is Longa Dresslers’ workcamp©?

Longa Dresslers’ workcamp is a unique method that combines training, coaching, moderating, brainstorming, lecturing and consulting.

A number of people can be involved, for example, a department, a team, a whole organization, all leaders, or a project team. 

The group has some goals and some ideas, but would like to start from a general point to see what the workcamp process reveals about their needs and issues.

Longa Dressler switches between brainstorming, coaching, training, moderating, consulting and lecturing according to how the group develops.

Sometimes groups are divided up with the results from one group becoming the starting point for the next group.

Sometimes short one-on-one input is provided during the breaks.

You can work on leadership, communication, leading ideas, innovating new products, stakeholder strategies etc., which often means numerous topics will be worked on simultaneously.

The “workcamp” method is recommended when:

  • you want real transformation
  • you have general subjects to discuss
  • people should be involved
  • you like spontaneity 
  • you want to start a “movement” 
  • you want more than training or a seminar or a workshop but would like some elements of these
  • you like agility and switching between methods 
  • you want creativity and effectiveness
  • you want to boost motivation and inspiration
  • you want to safe time- instead of long seminars you have short sessions with great results

There are not many consultants who are able to switch between these methods and moderate this complex process. You need a lot of experience, a certain type of personality and the ability to orchestrate groups and processes. Longa Dressler is one of them.

Would you like to find out more about workcamps? Or plan a workcamp for your organization? Discuss ideas and possibilities with Longa Dressler: 


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