Coaching and hiking in 2017

15. September: Innovative Self-Coaching

Coaching and hiking in 2017
Coaching and nature - a perfect combination

… a key for many doors

Self-Coaching contains a variety of great tools to become even better in gaining clarity, taking decisions, developing new ideas, staying innovative or inspiring others to follow a new path.

This coaching hike through nature serves to practice different self-coaching techniques and as always is accompanied by relaxation and perception exercises as well as coaching tips.

Nature, fresh air and the other hikers also ensure a productive and motivating seminar atmosphere in addition to the coach Longa Dressler.

It goes without saying that the massage in the break, the boat trip over the lake Hennesee and a visit to a cosy woodland inn are all part and parcel of the coaching. As are communicating with other hikers and spending the day in a natural environment. Expect interesting coaching topics and have fun taking the sensory path around the lake.

We will hike around the Hennesee together. The meeting point is the Welcome Hotel Hennesee Residenz in Meschede.

The walks take place from 9:30 a.m. to 17:30 p.m. The course is about 10 km long with several coaching stops planned along the way, plus a break at a country inn in the woods.

Please send an e-mail to with your address. Normally the hikes take place in German. All hikes with this or other topics can be booked by companies and groups or as a one-on-one coaching and, of course, also in English.   

The investment for the Coaching hike, boat trip, massage and lunch is just € 150 including VAT.

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