Coaching and Hiking in 2010

Fresh air and fresh thoughts for new perceptions
Fresh air and fresh thoughts for new perceptions

This sixth season also promises both tried-and-tested topics as well as new ones

Make a note now of the following dates: 

23.04.2010: From the manager to the manager personality 

21.05.2010: Target coaching and self marketing 

18.06.2010: Relaxation and stress management 

09.07.2010: From the manager to the manager personality 

03.09.2010: Target coaching and self marketing 

08.10.2010: Relaxation and stress management 

We will hike around the Hennesee together. The walks take place from 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The course is about 12 km long with several coaching stops planned along the way plus a break at a country inn in the woods. The meeting point is the Welcome Hotel Hennesee Residenz in Meschede.

In addition to practical training exercises and short theoretical inputs you will also be able to enjoy a mobile back massage given by trained masseurs. Your investment in the whole-day coaching event, mobile massage, a boat trip across the Hennesee and a short scriptum amounts to € 178.50 including VAT. 

Please mail or fax your registration with name and date of the hike to or 0291 9023926. You will receive confirmation of your registration and more detailed information about this particular hike. The hikes take place in German. 

All hikes with this or other topics can be booked by companies and groups or as a one-on-one coaching and, of course, also in English.

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