Clear thoughts and clear feelings lead to clear results

Longa Dressler’s Strategic Coaching is focussed totally on the question of clarity.

Clear thoughts and clear feelings lead to clear results

Longa Dressler’s Strategic Coaching is focussed totally on the question of clarity. It is no coincidence that the slogan is “Clarity Wins” can be found in every coaching program from Longa Dressler.
What makes clarity such a fundamental element and key feature of Longa Dressler Strategic Coaching?

If there is clarity, the way ahead develops constructively.
So gaining clarity in different situations is given top priority in the coaching sessions.
This involves keeping an overview as well as a razor-sharp combination of logic and intuition and remaining highly concentrated.

The coaching program requires that the coach radiates clarity and an organising power despite the speed. The knowledge that the client has as well as results must be formulated effectively in a down-to-earth manner and most especially assessed on the basis of reality.
Clarity is much more than just a philosophy or slogan.
Clarity is the fundamental approach of Longa Dressler Strategic Coaching.

Clarity wins
Clarity brings ease
Clarity is powerful
Clarity is the basis for all stages of action that are intended to lead to success.
Clarity wins because it links the responsibility of a person with his/her possibilities.

No external authority can give you a self-knowledge of your self.
But there can be no freedom from ignorance and suffering without self-knowledge.  (Krishanmurti)
To see to the bottom of the water you can wait until the dirt that has been churned up has settled, you can filter it gently, but sometimes aggressive cleansing is necessary in order  to make the water clear again.  It cannot be used again until it is clear, the bottom cannot be seen until this has happened.

The aim of a coaching session is to determine exactly which method makes sense in the current time frame. The gentle way or simply waiting and letting go, or perhaps even a really tough approach to a target.   The client must give the green light for the approach. The coach relies on the intuition that the approach has been selected correctly; he/she must never take responsibility for the choice. If the client says: “I want to achieve it faster“, the coach can act as a mirror. “How do you feel if you subject yourself to even more time pressure?” If the client says: “I need more time“ but the coach thinks differently he/she can ask: “How long have you been saying the same thing?” You can probe critically, even provoke a response, but in the final instance it is of vital importance to follow the path the client is prepared to go. Sometimes the client realises that it is indeed better to take the different path. At such times it is necessary to point out that it was good, important and correct to have tried the different path again.
The client has the right to be, to experiment without being judged. Some coaches find it very difficult not to intervene if their client seems to be going in a wrong direction. That is why questioning oneself is as vital for the coach as our daily bread.  Is this really my problem? Do I have the right in this situation to think that I know better? Why can’t I stand the client moving so slowly?
Under the motto: Whether you know yourself or help others to gain knowledge of themselves, both cases will be recognized.    

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