Blended learning platform for Longa Dressler’s customers

Blended learning platform for Longa Dressler’s customers

From April 2019, customers can take advantage of Longa Dressler’s leadership consulting platform.

Longa Dressler stands for individual, interactive coaching, workshops and consultations. Personal presence and face-to-face contact are irreplaceable.

Nevertheless, it is important to have easy access to supplementary content and materials. All materials, checklists and podcasts relevant to the respective coaching session or consultation are stored on the platform.

This saves time and enables content to be prepared or revised. Some participants like to get into all the details while others may already be familiar with a theory or method. This enables the customer to decide what they would like to concentrate on more intensely, at a time of their choosing.

The workshops can then focus more on the practical side and consultation.

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