Longa Dressler

Longa Dressler


Intercultural communication and cooperation (MA, Munich University of Applied Science)

Topics include: Globalization, International human ressources, intercultural psychology and conflict prevention, India and USA.
Masterthesis: Empathy as an important key factor of intercultural competence - Empathy sensitization in executive Coachings

Licensed Coach Instructor (German Association for Coaching and Training, DVCT Hamburg)

Professional Coach (German Association for Coaching and Training, DVCT Hamburg) -Focus on Business Coaching

Qualified Scenario Manager / Systemic Constellations (Dr. Nelles)
Organizations and systems

Postgraduate Change Manager (Ruhr-University/DAA Bochum) -Human Resources and Organizational Management
Topics include: workplace law, business administration, organizational psychology, selection of personnel

Certified Social Pedagogue (University of Applied Science, Dortmund)
Topics include: legal science, social ethics, political science. Degree dissertation: Cognitive and Behavioral Modification

Accredited in MBTI® (AMT Performance, Radevormwald) -Myers.Briggs Type Indicator, Step 1 and Step 2

Licensed Sport Trainer License B and C (LandesSportBund, NRW Germany )

  • B: prevention and stress management
  • B: prevention, training for elderly people
  • C: back-training

Further training:
Competencies for the Chinese-German cooperation  
Training in Bejing (Bavarian University centre China)
Systemic constellations for companies and teams (Jan Jacob Stam)


  • NIW –Network Integrative Business development
  • Member of the Advisory Council for companies, placed through the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Arnsberg
  • Start2grow- Coach and Mentor at a Startup Competition
  • German Association for Coaching and Training, DVCT Hamburg

About Longa Dressler

Longa Dressler has been working together with groups and individuals since her youth. She started out with voluntary youth work, in youth welfare offices and social advisory centres. The development continued through coaching of adults, consulting services for start-ups and small companies.

From this developed the ability to quickly connect with and involve different types of people in an interactive way appropriate to the target group.

Today she primarily works with leaders and companies within a global context. Longa Dressler looks at feasibility, the future, potential and exciting ideas. And she constantly acquires new knowledge from various industries and subject areas.

After over 20 years involved in the area of group work, coaching, moderating as well as management consultancy, there is almost nothing she has not experienced or implemented. Moreover she is equally capable of understanding and conveying the perspective of the shift supervisors on the machines and the role of the management board.

Longa Dressler also embodies and represents other overall concepts:
Agility, the merging of tradition and innovation, speed and clarity. As an ideas generator, the work of Longa Dressler involves successfully connecting, integrating and making visible the diverse and intercultural potential of people and ideas across generations and without hierarchies.

Longa Dressler represents goal-orientated, constructive decisions and supports change processes. She has specialised in assisting people who make decisions or who want to make decisions, those who desire to strike out on a different path or to refine and improve established paths.

Quality assurance
That Longa Dressler undergo regular supervision, benefit from collegial advice and take part in further training courses and professional fairs is guaranteed. This among other things is also a stipulation of the largest qualified coaching association in which Longa Dressler is listed as a member and certified coach.


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Short Vita

Intercultural Communication and Cooperation (MA) , Licensed Professional Coach, qualified post-graduate Change-Manager and Organisational Structuralist as well as certified Social Pedagogue; MBTI®- and Sport-Trainer.

Self-employed for 13 years with over 20 years of professional experience –
national and international- as a Consultant, Moderator, Coach, Speaker and Ideas generator.