Interactive impulses

Interactive Impulses

Longa dressler offers different impulses for you. Here you will find some of the most popular products:

Idea workshops

Effective moderation can significantly contribute to ensuring a productive atmosphere, transparent processes and the generation of ideas. Idea workshops can take two hours as a short version for smaller concepts and kick-offs. If it is necessary to work through several steps, one to two days will be planned.

Impulse presentations
Impulse presentations can be conducted for small or large groups as well as for conferences. The presentations are interactive, meaning that participants are actively involved and also provided with interesting information. Impulse presentations generally run for approximately one to one-and-a-half hours. The topics are agreed with you beforehand.

Quick-win feedback
This can actually take the form of fast feedback after a short observation of a person, group or process but it can also be based on a specific suggestion related to a topic. For example, start-ups can present their projects in 20 minutes and Longa Dressler then provides feedback and contributes ideas and associations.

Networking session
Similar to an impulse presentation, these events are organised to promote discourse on a topic, while at the same time they offer the event attendees the opportunity to network. Whether it is a department, an international team meeting, a charity club or a company diversity day. Networking events are popular and can also be combined with presentations.

Impulses and hiking
Coachings, seminars or workshops are conducted during an easy walk.
Depending on the subject and the objective, this event can take between two hours or one day.

Clients recommend this impulse presentation

Agile Leadership: Some guidelines for innovative and flexible organizations

Agile Leadership: Some guidelines for innovative and flexible organizations
Topics of the interactive lecture:

  • Fast and permanent feedback
  • No action without communication
  • Direct, indirect, intercultural and effective communication
  • “Trial and error” mentality with accompanying coaching
  • Employees should meet high expectations but in combination with “challenging and developing”
  • Maximum customer orientation
  • What should I stop? What should be continued?  And where do I need a new approach?

The 1,5 hour event will be complemented with some exercises and is suitable for teams and conferences.