Longa Dressler leadership consulting

Longa Dressler leadership consulting

Are you looking for dynamic and professional consulting for yourself, your company or your executives? Do you want to actively shape the future?

With Longa Dressler leadership consulting, you recieve individual support in the areas of leadership, communication and cooperation.

  • Tailored leadership development and team building
  • LEAN Leadership, leadership- onboarding, and coaching
  • Support for communication and cooperation
  • Facilitation of workshops and strategic exchanges
  • Sparring and brainstorming in the development of guiding principles, goals, and projects
  • Mediation of interest and goal conflicts

Years of experience make it possible to draw from a variety of methods. Whether it's consulting, workshops, coaching, or project support, the services and advice provided are grounded, interactive, tailored, and future-oriented.

Implementation can take place in Germany or in another country, live and remote. Feel free to explore the offerings in advance and read what customers are saying about Longa Dressler.

Contact for an initial conversation at +49-291-90874809 or info@longa-dressler.com.



"Everyone knows first aid, but Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is not known to all.

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Everyone knows first aid, but Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is not known to all.

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